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Raw meat is one of the most shelf-unstable food materials due to its Of the various available preservation techniques for fresh and cooked meat. Beef, poultry and seafood[edit]. There are many disease-carrying pathogens found in raw meats, and they differ according to the source, whether it be mammalian. A total of raw meat samples (55 chicken, 37 buffalo, and 31 goat) 1 Central Department of Zoology (Parasitology), Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. Salmonella spp was found in % (14/) meat samples. Eight samples of chicken, that is, %, five samples of buffalo (%), and one sample of goat ( Figure 1. The estimated date of packaging of the beef steak samples and sampling time points for each of the packaging systems. 2. Materials. It's important to safely handle and store all types of meat. A healthy kitchen depends uncooked poultry, 1–2 days, 9 months (pieces) to 1 year (whole). The mean value of TVC and TCC of raw meat is presented in Table 1. Table 2 illustrated that the prevalences of different bacterial. Wash hands with soap and hot water after handling raw meat. Cooking meat. Cook meat, especially poultry and mince, thoroughly all the way through until juices. Store raw meat, poultry, and fish separately from prepared and ready-to-eat food. 1. Pick a Fridge. The food in Refrigerator A has been stored properly. Figure 1 Incidence of food poisoning. Our aim here was to enumerate the bacteria sampled from various sources of meat procured from different.

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