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For practical purposes 'Gompa' is an imprecise term used by westerners traveling in Tibetan regions to refer to a variety of religious buildings, generally. Centre for Buddhist Culture Gompa is located on top of a hill just above the Nehru Museum. Adorned with a beautiful gate at the base of the hill. Helpfully, gompas provide a handy crib-sheet for the key principles of Tibetan Buddhism in the form of the Bhavachakra, or Wheel of Life. Jamba Gompa contains 1, mandalas (diagrams of the spiritual cosmos) – the only Tibetan temple painted entirely with them. Both gompas are in advanced states. JAMPA, THUBCHEN, AND LURI GOMPAS. THUBCHEN GOMPA The newer of the two great gompas, Thubchen is a single-storied gompa, its external structure less complex. This gompa is situated in top most point of a hill in Bomdila. This gompa has a school which gives education to the monks on various subjects apart from. One of the divisions of the Gontse Gaden Rabgyel Lling Monastery or the GRL Monastery, Lower Gompa is situated at the end of the main market area in Bomdila. Explore Kemgon Gompa in Google Earth. Explore Kemgon Gompa in Google Earth. Kemgon Gompa. Shashur Gompa is a small Olde worlde Buddhist shrine of the Drugpa sect built in 16th Century. It is located 2km from the hill-town of Keylong. NAKO GOMPA. Nako is a small Buddhist village on a remote hill at the edge of Spiti valley. Technically it falls in Kinnaur district, but in character.

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