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Atmospheric rivers, which carry moisture towards the poles, are expected to intensify unless greenhouse-gas emissions are curbed. The vast airborne waterways that keep our planet hydrated are fed by rainforests like the Amazon. If they disappear, the consequences may be. Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere – like rivers in the sky – that transport most of the water vapor outside of the. It is a River-in-the-Sky! And it is essential for all life in Brazil for it provides water to the grasslands and the farmers' fields, and fills the reservoirs. As has been defined earlier, a sky river is the region where atmospheric flows converge, and thus this feature indicates that the sky rivers as convergence. Rivers in the sky, flooding on the ground: the role of atmospheric circulation and atmospheric rivers (ARs) in producing extreme. Atmospheric rivers produce up to 50% of California's "Giant rivers of water vapor in the sky with strong winds pushing them along. Learn how trees transpiring in the Amazon rainforest pump moisture into the air that flows like a “river in the sky” and affects weather patterns locally. Sky rivers are a conceptual model of water vapor transport that can, hypothetically, be turned into precipitation through the Sky River Project, a distributed. Every time this river flooded between and , it was because of one of these “rivers in the sky.” Image courtesy of National Oceanic and.

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